Hi! I’ll be back soon

Bennie Mellies

Hi, Bennie Mellies here…

At the moment I am creating a new beautiful website

It took me some time to realize that my new website is gonna be ALL ABOUT MUSIC!

Music and in general Reggae, Dancehall and Tropical is my #1 passion.

On my brand new website I will take you with me step-by-step in my Crash test dummy producer experience so far!

What can I find on your new website Bennie?

Resources, tools and a lot of information;
Music, beats, riddims and playlists;
Courses (internal and external)
Inspiration, books and movies
Blog articles about the music business

Leave your email address below , then I’ll do the rest …

See you soon!

In the meantime check out the website and awesome brand that im working on right now: